Specially made Architraves and mouldings for door and window surrounds

Specially made Architraves and mouldings for door and window surrounds

Timber Door Architraves in LondonArchitraves were designed to throw light and shadow interest over functional items such as timber windows and doors. 

In the recent past these finishes have been casually torn from their mantles and replaced with what was considered a move away from stuffy old tradition to a much more simplistic approach.

Wooden ArchitravesJust in the same way that period panel doors, fireplaces and windows were once replaced with a more modern understatement.

It would only be a matter of time before the appreciation for period features once again took its rightful place with period property ownership. Though even ‘off the shelf’ timber architraves as fitted by many tradesmen and restricted to a couple of designs are no match for the detail required to do the job authentically.

If you have a house where some of the original architrave (or skirting and coving for that matter) is intact but there are areas missing we can take properly scaled copies using our shaper guides and replicate them for you. Some of our clients simply like the way that architraves looked in the past with all the fine detail of tiers, ovolo’s, ogee’s and quirks and want to go for a real period feel in this essential detail. We’ve helped many people achieve their finishing touch to their period windows and doors, floors and ceilings. You really don’t have to settle for an ‘off-the-shelf’ option.

Bespoke Timber Architraves

So for those who understand the period beauty these details produce and the enjoyment derived we offer you our own skills at reproducing this subtle light and shadow effect.

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