How we work

For the Homeowner and the Principal Contractor

Sometimes there’s nothing better than change in the home or workspace. Sometimes it’s out of necessity and at other times it’s just about putting your own mark on it. From establishing the practical use of an item through to deciding the finished aesthetic to finally living in a changed environment – all can and should be extremely satisfying. At Sashpro our sole aim is to help provide and share that feeling with our clients. It’s a feeling we’re addicted to.

With the power of choice that we live with today there can be few compromises other than cost – and if you know where to look even that element can be won. The world really is our oyster or rather we can take from the world and make our own shells just so. Let us into your world to see if we can be your professional accomplices in providing substance to your imagination and ideals.


A two tier service

Ensuring the success of a projects’ scope of works needs clear headed thinking and operating that will result in reducing costs that inevitably accrue from backtracking, holdups and general confusion. All too often multiple supply-fitters schedules will just not marry up, no matter how well the promises have been made beforehand and this can leave gaping holes in the proceedings that will cost other supply-fitters and ultimately the Principal Contractor and we’ve seen how this can adversely effect a relationship with their client.

The solution:
Having purpose made joinery ready to fit as your project’s schedule demands gives you the certainty you need when aligning time and budget. The responsibility of this crucial timing should really fall to one individual and not be subject to the logistics of multiple trades. This individual could of course be you or it could be the construction company you’ve engaged to carry out the works as Principal Contractor. If you’ve engaged a decent building firm they will have team members that can hang a door, install a window and fit any bespoke made item as the project demands. It’s our job to supply the items correctly made and on time. It’s how things were done when our great conurbations were built and it’s the way the vast majority of the top building companies still work today.
Building Control documents and CE marking for our range of timber windows and doors are part of the service.


If you require single items such as a main front door or a set of bespoke made windows and your project isn’t a complete refurbishment or build then you’re probably looking for a complete solution. It’s more cost effective to engage one firm of supply-fitters in this instance.

The solution:
Our clients are, in any case, generally having separate phases of works carried out over time which is understandable given the cost and disruption and if this is the case for you we’d like to assure you that over the past 30 years we’ve carried out hundreds of supply/installations ranging from the commercial to the domestic sector. We can of course operate on a supply and fit basis and this is entirely appropriate where only one or two peripheral trades are required to complete a project.
Building Control documents and CE marking for our range of timber windows and doors are part of the service.

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